The Paleozoic Trackways Foundation is designated a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The purpose for which the Foundation was formed in 2005 is to protect, preserve, and promote the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument through a collaborative effort among Federal, State, County and City entities for the purpose of preservation, research, education and tourism.
President:                             David Shearer
Vice-President:                     Shawn Buckley
Treasurer:                             Jim Enright
Secretary:                             Marlene Mayfield
Governing Board:
Shawn Buckley
Larry Candelaria
Connie Candelaria
Flo Dougherty
Jim Enright
Bonnie Jamha
Alexandra Hall
Marlene Mayfield
David Shearer
Greg Smith
Jo-an Smith
Phil Yost
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The Paleozoic Trackways Foundation raises funds through the Albertson's Community Partners program. Please use your community partners card every time you shop at Albertson's supermarket. 1% of every purchase you make is donated to the Paleozoic Trackways Foundation.
Click the following links to view videos of the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument:
                   Back the Tracks
You are invited to join us in the Paleozoic Trackways foundation and show your support for one of Dona Ana County's most unique resources. Become a (tax deductable) donor today.

Senior/Student           $15                           Please make your check payable to the 
Backer                        $30                           Paleozoic Trackways Foundation or PTF and mail to:
Family                         $50
Supporter                   $100                         Paleozoic Trackways Foundation
Promoter                    $500                         P.O. Box  1483
Benefactor                 $1000                       Las Cruces, NM 88004
Patron                         $4000
Thank you if you have already donated!
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Dimetrodon tracks below
Walchia imprint